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Morris Twin(S) Traded – Front Office Not Clear Which One Goes Where

Brandon Stangl

Earlier this week the Phoenix Suns relieved nearly $8.5 million in salary space by trading one of the Morris twins Marcus, and/or Markieff. League officials are sorting out the details of the trade, but those close to the office say they are embarrassed to ask who is who, since they have known the twins for nearly two years now, and still can't tell them apart. “It gets really confusing in the off season,” said General Manager Ryan McDonough. “During regulation games and practice we make them wear jerseys with their names on it, but during the off season, they wear whatever the fuck they want, and we just have no clue who we are talking to.”

After a lack luster season complaining about officiating and fan participation, the Suns finally had enough of the twins. Needing to clear more salary space to entertain free agency deals, the Suns listened to offers all over the NBA settling on sending one of them to Detroit for a second round draft pick in 2020. “We are really happy to pick up this kind of talent,” said Pistons Head Coach Stan Van Gundy. “I’m not sure which brother they are sending, but there numbers look as identical as their tattoos.” 

When asked to comment one of the Morris brothers said "I am not sure if I need to pack up my things or not. We both have hired movers until we figure out who goes where."