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Backup Quarterback Reveals True Passion Is Scrapbooking

Brandon Stangl

During the post game interview Sunday evening Patriots backup quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, revealed his true passion is capturing the team’s best moments into handmade scrapbooks. “I’ve been a paper scrapper since I was 11. I’ve been addicted for more than a decade now,” Garoppolo said. “I tried digital scrapping in 2011 after looking through a Simply Simple Scrapbooks special edition mag about digital techniques, but I’m a paper scrapbooker at heart. Paper is the jet fuel that pumps through my veins.”

When asked about his process for completing a page Garoppolo went on to explain, “Usually I have a few pictures in mind when I start my design process. The page starts to speak to me, and tells me how to best showcase pictures in a visually pleasing way that connects emotionally. My favorite page this year is when Tommy first arrived back a training camp,” Garoppolo said with smile and a tiny glimmer in his eyes.

Though Belichick declined to comment on the subject, reports from personnel inside the locker room  indicate the coach sets aside 30 minutes at the end of each practice to just sit back and flip through the pages with the team, reminiscing and laughing about all the fun times they’ve shared.