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Local Farmer Market Attracts Plenty Of Bruised Organic Fruit Options

Brandon Stangl

Early saturday morning, valley farmers and organic food enthusiasts came together to offer up their all natural bruised fruit, and sad looking vegetable options. One critic said, leaving the market, “I have literally never seen smaller strawberries in my life. I was really hoping to pick up enough produce to make a salad, but the cucumbers were the only think that resembled a vegetable in the group.” President of the Local Farmer Market Association Elsa González said, “If you are looking for quality and quantity, then feel free to visit your local super store, but don’t be surprised if that food is ripe with more than just delicious, healthy looking fruits and vegetable. I’m talking about GMO’s.”

The LFMA prides themselves on growing produce naturally. “I grow my produce in repurposed tires in the back of my townhome,” Elsa said. “My produce is free from harmful chemicals and is grown like God intended. We even allow feral cats to dig in the tires to help turn the soil and naturally fertilize the plants.”

The market is open once a month between 8-8:30, or as long as produce is available.