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Comicon 2015: Unskilled Costume Makers Go Home Disappointed


An area man arrives home to his apartment Thursday evening, disappointed he received zero head nods or high fives for the massive monetary and time investment he made in this years Comicon costume. After spending nearly 6 months converting his once cherry ’97 Firebird into a F-Wing fighter complete with R2D2 and Star Wars themed paint, Dennis Albert received not a single comment from spectators. Patrons of the event noted a vehicle double parked out front, with what some described as “many unskilled hours put into the construction” but no one asked for a ride, or to get a picture taken with Mr. Albert.

Dennis was not the only disappointed Comicon participant found sulking after the first day. One attendee, who wished to remain nameless, also felt disappointed in the lack of response to his overly obscure choice of costume this year. “I call the character Tenta, for the many tentacles he has, though the credits of the anime he appears in do not reveal his true name.” Tenta was constructed using loose parts from the back of his local Home Depot, including duct tape, and discarded shop towels. “He is best known for his appearance in the octopus rape scene in the Japanese film ‘Tako No, FukuShuu III’.” Witnesses recall seeing a man with PVC tubing duct taped and hanging from his limps, but no one was able to make the connection. “I thought he was either going for Dr. Octavius from Spider Man, or had suffered some major head injury in the past. His costume was really fucking terrible,” one Comicon participant said.  

When the men were asked about their possible participation in next year’s Comicon, the both agreed it would be easiest to go as Storm Troopers next year.